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Features For Standerd Model
  • PLC Based machine
  • No manual setting for print mark.
  • Auto setting from PLC for print mark.
  • Two separate wrapper mounting system to reduce wrapper change time.
  • High temp. bearing used for Bottom sealing roller for longer life.
  • All contact part are stainless steel made.
  • Minimum wastage.
  • Speed, shift output ,total output can be display on HMI.
  • Schneider make AC frequency drive used.
  • Schneider make PLC used.
  • All chains are diamond make.
  • Gear box Bonfiglioli

Features For Advanced Special edition Model
  • All features as per standard model.
  • Auto splicing system is available. Due to auto splicing without operator standby wrapper will joint automatically to ruining wrapper after
  • end of rtuming wrapper.
  • Auto splicing position of left and right roll can be set individually.
  • If standby wrapper roll not mounted then machine will stop after ends of running wrapper.
  • If print mark sensor, master cam proxy, Encoder, No product sensor or less product sensor is failed then massage will display on and machine will stop. So you cant waste your time to find the problem.
  • Any Heater or thermocouple is failed then zone wise message will display on HMI. You can replace heater/thermocouple immediately .
  • Temperature controller given in PLC with Auto tuning. Due to this fine accuracy of temperature is possible.
  • At the time of changeover selection of single pile / two pile / three pile given on HMI. Select required pile then machine will run machine will automatically run his program. Only mechanical parts you have to change. ( Only For MLT/HSCP 350 PPM )
  • If less biscuit comes through feeder/choute machine will slow up to 10 packet .If less biscuits are coming continuously then machine
    will stop. - ( Only For MLT/HSCP 350 PPM )


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